Alternative to Workers Compensation – Texas Non Subscription

Alternative to Workers Compensation – Texas Non Subscription

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Alternative to Workers Compensation – Texas Non Subscription

Nonsubscription aka Non-subscription aka the “Alternative” to Workers Compensation – Dallas – Texas


If you’re searching for a better understanding of Texas Non-subscription or are interested in comparing the costs of Workers Compensation versus Texas Non-subscription, you have come to the right place. Let’s discuss an Alternative to Workers Compensation – Texas Non Subscription.

Non-subscription is essentially an opportunity, an opportunity. It’s an opportunity for a business owner to choose between traditional statutory Worker’s Compensation or alternative methods to transfer the financial risk, should one of their employees be hurt at work.

Traditional statutory Worker’s Compensation provides very generous benefits to the injured employee and insulates the employer from financial exposure (deductibles) and contributory negligence litigation!

The cost of traditional statutory Worker’s Compensation, like the Alternatives, is based upon payroll and a specific percentage applied against the payroll which varies depending upon the risk inherent in the job of your employees. Clerical and administrative staff would pay a much smaller fee than a welder or truck driver. Everything is relative, the higher the risk, the higher the cost.

Any insurance product that has zero deductibles and unlimited benefits will be expensive! If you’ve been successful and lucky to have few workplace injury claims, then you’ll receive additional credits when your traditional statutory Worker’s Compensation renews. However if you have had accidents and incurred claim expenses, the insurance company will increase your costs proportionately.

In Texas and Oklahoma you have a choice and can compare the alternatives to traditional statutory Worker’s Compensation insurance. Alternatives offering deductibles of $1000 and higher, in addition to variable policy limits allow you to customize an alternative to workers compensation. A custom suit will always fit better than the one you buy at the Needless Markup department store… You should consider a Alternative to Workers Compensation – Texas Non Subscription.

In addition to policy limits that are custom designed for your business, intelligent loss control and forensic examination of claims, always reduces questionable claims and eliminates outright fraud, thereby dramatically reducing the cost of your insurance.

The Alternatives to workers compensation also enable you to access expert medical providers, so your employees receive the absolute best medical care available. Claim adjusters are typically assigned to each injured employee and follow their progress with the providers so your employees are made whole and return to work ASAP.

Traditional workers compensation is a fine product and works very well for approximately 60% of all employers in the state of Texas. Hundreds of Texas employers change from traditional workers compensation to the alternative and vice versa, every year, as they closely examine their insurance needs and costs. Many are looking for a Alternative to Workers Compensation – Texas Non Subscription.

Converting traditional workers compensation to the alternative is a simple and straightforward matter, notifying the former insurance company, notifying your employees with written notification and filing a form (DWC005) with the state of Texas is all you need.

Non-subscription is the complete package; all key elements of a successful nonsubscriber program are available through the largest insurance companies in the country. Premium differentials can be as high as 40%!

A 15 minute telephone call to discuss the Alternative to Workers Compensation – Texas Non Subscription, could save you thousands of dollars, please pick up the phone and give me a call.

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